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Workers Compensation

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Workers' Compensation insurance covers an employer's liability for injuries, disability, or death to persons in their employment, without regard to fault, as prescribed by state or federal workers' compensation laws and other statutes.

Depending on your policy, workers compensation insurance can help:
  • Cover some part of lost wages if an employee is unable to work because of a job-related illness or injury

  • Pay for medical bills and/or medications associated with the illness or injury, including rehabilitation expenses

  • Pay death benefits to an employee’s family if he/she is killed on the job

  • Pay for some funeral or burial expenses

Do you need workers comp for your business?

It depends. Worker’s comp is generally required in every state except Texas, and regulations vary by state. In some cases, businesses with fewer than 5 employees aren’t required to have coverage. In addition, the nature of your business will determine how much and what kind of coverage you need.


For instance, if your employees are working in an office setting and have a relatively low injury risk, you would need less coverage than if your employees work in construction, are delivery or truck drivers, etc.

SAVE BIG!  Bundle coverage      for your business liablity and property at discounted rates.

Reduce your risks from the start

Of course, in addition to having insurance, it’s always best to prevent accidents and injuries whenever you can. Creating a comprehensive safety plan and addressing risk from the beginning will help you protect your staff and reduce your premiums.

In addition to offering affordable options for worker’s comp insurance, the Tedford team can show you resources and tools to help you manage risks, control costs and improve safety.

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