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Surety Bonds

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Since 1978

A surety bond is not insurance – it’s a type of guarantee. The first key to bonding is to understand that surety bonds are not insurance at all! Surety is more like a credit product. The surety guarantees that a person or business will complete a stated obligation. In general, surety bonds help protect taxpayer dollars and ensure that you, as a business owner, follow proper regulations. 

Types of Surety Bonds:
  • Commercial / Miscellaneous – These bonds are required by many different authorities, i.e. the federal government, a state or local municipality, etc. The bonds typically support a license, permit, tax obligation, etc.

  • Contract Bonds – A guarantee to a third-party Owner/Obligee in response to a contract.  These bonds are commonly called Performance & Payment bonds.

Tedford can assist with many bond types including:

License and Permit, Contractor Bonds, Notary Bonds, Cannabis Growers, Bonds for School Districts, Car Dealerships, and many more.

The experienced professionals in Tedford's Surety Bond Department are ready to handle any bonding situation that your company encounters.


Surety bonding has been a focus at Tedford Insurance for over 45 years. Tedford’s surety professionals have the expertise to handle all types of bonds so you can have the peace of mind to focus on operating your business successfully.

Unlike other agencies who handle surety bonds as an afterthought, Tedford has a dedicated surety team that helps clients with bonds every day. With outstanding relationships and a deep understanding of the bonding process, Tedford is able to offer the best service and pricing available.

Offering More Value: Additional Services

Tedford isn't simply a surety bonding solution: We offer additional services to offer more value to our customers including:

  • Bond Program Evaluation – Many of Tedford’s clients had surety programs prior to working with Tedford. Tedford’s experts provide free evaluations of surety programs to ensure that you are getting the support you need with the best terms and pricing possible.

  • Balance Sheet and Work in Progress Coaching Keeping detailed job records can be a challenge. The specialists at Tedford can help coach you on managing your balance sheet and keeping your work in progress report updated, such that you can maximize your surety capacity.

  • Succession Planning Succession comes in many forms, but all of them have the potential for disrupting surety support. Tedford is a key partner in managing through change and ensuring that the surety bonding that supports the business plan is never disrupted.

  • Construction Specialized CPA & Attorney Referrals The Tedford team works with the most experienced and skilled industry professionals that provide clients the important resources to be successful. Tedford partners many clients with business professionals that offer the expertise they need.

Partner with Tedford Today for Your Contract Bonds

Get easy credit-score-based bonding, extensive support for internally prepared financials, and ability to support accounts with CPA reviewed financial statements with bonded backlogs in excess of $200,000,000. 


Tedford also has the ability to secure bonds for tribally owned, specialty trade, and hard-to-place risks.


What can Tedford do that my current agent can’t?

​Tedford Insurance has a dedicated surety team who are trained to handle one thing…surety bonds. We are not a generalist group who handle surety as an accommodation…we are surety professionals who can not only provide bonds but help grow your bonding program. We also have the experience to negotiate terms and pricing that a generalist agent would not be able to accomplish…this is because we understand the underwriting process and how to best highlight the strengths of our clients.

What services are available for contract bond customers?

​In addition to the most common contract bond types (Bid, Performance, Payment, and Maintenance Bonds), we also offer bond program evaluation, balance sheet and work in progress coaching, succession planning, and Construction Specialized CPA & Attorney Referrals.

What services are available for contract bond customers?

Tedford can assist any parties including: License and Permit, Contractor Bonds, Notary Bonds, Cannabis Growers, Bonds for School Districts, Municipalities, and Public Officials.

Does Tedford do anything to give back to the construction industry?

Tedford Insurance is a proud member of the Associated Builder and Contractors (ABC), the Associated General Contractors (AGC), and the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP). The ABC and AGC are contractor organizations that do many initiatives to help the construction community in terms of labor development, training, and legislative advocacy. The NASBP is the largest association of surety bonds professionals and they advocate for the surety industry in many different ways including legislative advocacy, being a watchdog and industry resource for onerous bond form and contract language, etc. The Tedford bonds division participates in each of these organizations to donate our time and experience to help further the initiatives of these industry organizations.

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