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Surety Bonds

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A surety bond is not insurance – it’s a type of guarantee. The surety guarantees that a contractor will complete a stated obligation. In general, surety bonds help protect consumers from fraud and ensure that you, as a business owner, follow proper regulations.

Surety bonds are required by law in several industries and for a wide range of contracts. If you are required to get a bond, your company will need to complete a financial evaluation. We can assist you with all the necessary steps to complete the process. 


The experienced professionals in Tedford's Surety Bond Department are ready to handle any bonding situation that your company encounters. We are responsive, have great surety contacts, and can handle both contract and non-contract types of bonds. 

Surety consists of many types of bonding:

At Tedford, we specialize in construction contract bonding, which means we help contractors develop their company to enable them to qualify for the largest bonding programs available.

We also handle non-contract surety bonds such as:

  • License and permit bonds

  • Public official bonds

  • Notary bonds

Tedford’s insurance experts are ready to help
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Ready to Get Started?

Understanding what you need

Not sure what kind of coverage you need? By understanding your industry and the nature of your business, we can help put together the right policy, specifically tailored to your needs.


Feeling confused by all of the technical jargon? Not to worry – our agents are here to translate all the lingo and “insurance-speak” that shows up in policy documents so you actually understand what your coverage includes.

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