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Employment Practice

Protecting Dreams
Since 1978

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) protects against the risk of having to pay for losses related to employment practices including harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination and working conditions.  


EPLI policies can cover the business, as well as company owners, directors, and managers.

How useful is an EPLI?

An EPLI policy helps to covers the cost to defend or settle employment-related lawsuits in which an employee sues your business for acts which he/she believes violates lawful employment rights.

SAVE BIG!  Bundle EPLI coverage with other business insurance at discounted rates.

Understanding what you need

Not sure what kind of coverage you need? By understanding your industry and the nature of your business, we can help put together the right policy, specifically tailored to your needs.


Feeling confused by all of the technical jargon? Not to worry – our agents are here to translate all the lingo and “insurance-speak” that shows up in policy documents so you actually understand what your coverage includes.

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