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The What and Why of Builder's Risk Insurance

When undertaking a construction project, whether it's a new building, renovation, or an expansion, there are myriad risks that could derail your plans. These projects are significant investments, and protecting them is essential. This is where Builder's Risk Insurance comes into play. Let's get into what Builder's Risk Insurance covers and why it is a crucial part of any construction project.


What is Builder's Risk Insurance?


Builder's Risk Insurance, also known as Course of Construction Insurance, is a specialized type of property insurance designed to protect buildings under construction. It covers the insured construction projects from various perils, ensuring that the project can proceed to completion even if unforeseen events occur.


What Does Builder's Risk Insurance Cover?


1. Property Damage: This includes damage to the structure itself and often covers materials, supplies, and equipment on-site or in transit to the construction site. Common perils covered include fire, wind, theft, lightning, hail, explosion, vandalism, and even certain weather-related damages like hurricanes.


2. Soft Costs: Sometimes, unforeseen events lead to delays, which can incur additional expenses. Builder's Risk Insurance can cover these "soft costs," such as interest on loans, real estate taxes, architectural and engineering fees, and legal expenses.


3. Scaffolding and Temporary Structures: Damage to temporary structures, such as scaffolding or temporary buildings, can also be covered under a Builder's Risk policy.


4. Coverage Extensions: Many policies offer optional extensions to cover things like debris removal, pollutant cleanup, and ordinance or law coverage, which pays for the increased costs of repairs or reconstruction to meet current building codes.


What Isn’t Covered?


While Builder's Risk Insurance is comprehensive, it does have exclusions. Typically, it does not cover:


- Employee theft

- Normal wear and tear

- Acts of terrorism or war

- Faulty design, planning, workmanship, and materials

- Equipment breakdown


It's important to understand these exclusions, as additional coverage may be necessary to fully protect your project.


Why is Builder's Risk Insurance Crucial?


Financial Protection: Construction projects are significant investments, often involving millions of dollars. Damage or loss can result in substantial financial setbacks. Builder's Risk Insurance helps mitigate these risks, ensuring that you won't bear the full brunt of repair or replacement costs.


Project Continuity: Unexpected events can cause significant delays, impacting timelines and potentially leading to penalties. Insurance ensures that work can resume quickly, minimizing delays and keeping the project on track.


Lender Requirements: Many lenders require Builder's Risk Insurance as a condition for providing construction loans. This requirement ensures that their financial interest in the project is protected.


Peace of Mind: Knowing that your investment is protected allows you to focus on the construction process without constantly worrying about potential risks. This peace of mind is invaluable in managing complex projects.


Comprehensive Coverage: With extensions and tailored policies, Builder's Risk Insurance can cover a wide range of potential risks, making it a versatile and necessary part of your risk management strategy.


Choosing the Right Builder's Risk Insurance


Selecting the right Builder's Risk Insurance policy involves understanding the specific needs of your project and working with an experienced insurance broker. Here are a few tips:


Assess Your Risks: Understand the specific risks associated with your project. Factors like location, project size, and construction methods can influence the types of coverage you need.

Customize Your Policy: Work with your broker to customize your policy. Standard policies can often be tailored with extensions and endorsements to cover specific risks your project might face.

Review and Update Regularly: As your project progresses, periodically review and update your coverage to ensure it remains adequate.




Builder's Risk Insurance is not just an optional add-on for construction projects; it's a vital safeguard against the myriad risks that can arise during the construction process. From financial protection to ensuring project continuity, the benefits of having this insurance far outweigh the costs. As an insurance broker, it's our job to help you navigate these complexities and secure the best possible coverage for your project. Protect your investment, ensure your peace of mind, and keep your construction projects on track with comprehensive Builder's Risk Insurance.

Product descriptions provide a summary of coverage and are provided as a reference only. The actual policy determines coverage. The policy contains exclusions, limitations and other provisions not referenced (or only briefly summarized) here and the policy should be consulted for full coverage terms, conditions, and requirements.


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